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 2731 Tiburon Ave.

 Carlsbad, CA 92010 USA

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We specialize in additive engineering, focused in Selective Laser Melting or dmls direct metal metal sintering and Selective laser sintering. Those technologies gives us the opportunity to manufacture/produce products in a more efficient way then ever before.

We conceptualize those “3D printing” or additive manufacturing technology for our customers here in San Diego and around the globe. Whether to manufacture or develop mechanical solutions, consumer goods, unique tools, appliances, jewelry, medical parts, automotive or aerospace applications, additive manufacturing is and will be more and more an integrated process to produce of a broad variety of products.

Additive manufacturing is today simple and unprecedentedly accurate. It assists in making prototypes and end products that perfectly meet the design specifications, creating them lighter, complex, more efficient, reducing cost and cutting lead times up to 80%.

We build parts with a variety of additive manufacturing materials like TI64, aluminum, inconel, stainless steel and more. We help to design and develop solutions to integrate this technology for your products from the prototype, to the 3d metal printing end product with high quantities.

We would be happy to assist you and provide you excellent additive manufacturing service, best pricing, quality and productive.

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Rapid Prototyping | 3d printing

Parts made with 3D printers are very impressive.

HPL was founded to innovative 3D printing concepts and to

utilize this  additive technology for 3D metal manufacturing applications and production parts.