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 Carlsbad, CA 92010 USA

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Additive Engineering Technologies

HPLSolutions simply stated, provide additive engineering services for metal additive manufacturing and selective laser sintering here technologies in San Diego.

By utilizing effective and efficient additvie manufactuirng systems, who gives us and our clients the opportunity to operate and produce excellent, simple, faster, lighter and more efficient way then with conventional manufacturing technologies. Industrial or consumer solutions, we design and develop step by step solutions to maximize efficiencies.

We strive to build strong customer service relations that will enable HPLSolutions to create a solid reputation necessary to expand its scope and customer attraction, which will lead to continued long-term growth both within the target market area and looking toward the future beyond.

We will accomplish this while providing obvious superior quality engineering to our customers, excellent customer service, and creating a mentally stimulating and enjoyable work environment for our employees.

Why to choose us?

Expert Product Consultation

HPLSolutions' additive  specialists have over 15-years of experience in the additive manufacturing industry. We understand the application for commercial and industrial customer solutions, and specify parameters for each of these applications. Through expert knowledge of the product lines , HPL Solutions  specialists match specialized equipment precisely to your needs.

Advanced Engineering & Technology

HPLSolutions enhanced effectiveness, productivity, quality, reliable and production speed are our goals. As such, We incorporates advanced technologies into every system to ensure these goals are met and maintain high customer satisfaction.


We bring you to the right track with Additive manufacturing, to manufacture useful, cheaper,  simple and productive.


We deliver in a timely manner, never compromise on quality and absolute cost effective.


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