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Rapid Prototyping | 3d printing

Additive Manufacturing can serve a variety of purposes and can be used to create;

Unlike machining, the additive manufacturing process  can be used for  product development of prototyping or production. The part is built from the bottom up, a single layer at a time. This allows parts to have a very complex geometry while still maintaining a high degree of dimensional accuracy.

We conceptualizing additive manufacturing technologies “3D printing” for prototyping and manufacturing solutions in the San Diego. Additive manufacturing has developed to an integral process in production, so in the research and development of any product. Whether manufacturing consumer goods, gadgets, unique tools, appliances, jewelry, medical, automotive or aerospace applications etc., conceptualization and planning are the first stages of a product development. Prototypes are the immediate next stage and also one of the most significant in the entire cycle of product development process. Today is it not just the prototype who lead this technology, the production has reached a significant stage, epically the selective laser melting (Metal) or dmls direct metal laser sintering technology.

HPL Solutions engages 3D printing to make prototypes and production parts just easier. Additive manufacturing is unprecedentedly accurate, it assists in making prototypes and end products that perfectly meet the design specifications and can also be tested or meet for their efficacy and desired utility.

We optimize machines with materials and strive to build absolute quality parts with best prices, phenomenal surface results and quantities in a timely manner. Our materials are High developed materials from special material manufactures around the globe.

The cost for the creation, rapid prototyping or manufacturing of objects are composed of several main factors:
Materials, volume, technology, quantity, data adjustment, finishing solutions, post processing.

The time of the post-processing for the triggering of the materials, cleaning and fixing varies greatly from object to object.
While a simple geometric form will be completed relatively quickly, are very time consuming and complex shapes can therefore be more expensive, in theory, even though they have less volume.

Additive engineering