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CNC & Rapid Prototyping

CNC rapid prototyping is a fast additive manufacturing and machining process across industries all around the world. CNC machining has a plethora of advantages that traditional prototyping doesn’t offer. A CNC milling machine is much simpler to install, convenient to operate and can be far more precise that what has been acceptable or achievable. It is no wonder why companies across the world have endorsed and starting using the CNC mill.

A CNC milling machine can work with plastic materials as well as metal. The plastic materials that you can use include Nylon, ABS, Fluoropolymers, Acrylic, PVC, PCABS, Polythermide, PEEK and Polycarbonate. The choices of metals include Aluminum, Steel, Brass, Copper and Stainless Steel.

With CNC rapid prototyping services of HPL Solutions, you can be certain of getting exactly the material that you have opted for. If you are choosing Nylon then you get precisely that and not Nylon like materials. The same applies to metals that you may choose. We do not intersperse aluminum with steel or brass with copper and we do not engage in using metal like materials or alternatives which would eventually be counterproductive and futile for your needs.

At HPL Solutions, we also use the most state of the art CNC milling machine. This enables us to get the most precise results. Whether you wish to develop a custom one-off prototype or fully functional machine parts or products, our entire horde of CNC mill services would provide you the perfectly holistic solution that is utilitarian and efficient.

CNC rapid prototyping can allow you to make any type of machine parts or equipments. You can engage in CNC rapid prototyping at the stage of designing or after your conceptualization processes are done with and you intend to venture in manufacturing of the item in context.

A CNC milling machine can be as precise as you want. No other method can facilitate the same precision. The speed of the modern CNC mill processes is unprecedented. You can develop complicated designs and attend to the requisites within prompt turnaround times. Apart from the efficacy, speed and convenience of CNC rapid prototyping, you get amazingly reliable results. You can bank upon a CNC milling machine to get you the best results, right from the minutest parts to the surface finishes which are largely improved with CNC milling than with other processes.

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