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Additive Engineering Technologies selective laser sintering | sls rapid prototyping | sls 3d printing | sls printing

Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) is a powder based 3D printing or additive manufacturing method to manufacture parts without support, quick, efficient, strong and accurate with a variety of plastic materials.

It is a generative layer manufacturing: a laser beam melt and built in a powder bed any three-dimensional geometries layer by layer. This technology allows to built any complex and functional components, which can not be produced in conventional mechanical or of casting production.

The trend for this additive manufacturing technology is rapid series production. Automotive and aerospace parts are mentioned, which are now being produced inexpensively in larger quantities.

Conventionally solutions would work with planning, inventory control and tooling weeks if not months before the design team could keep the product in their hands.

The basic requirement is that the geometry data of the product is available in a three dimensional (usually in the stl. Format) file.

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We started to provide basic materials ‘listed below” for quick turnarounds and constant support and high quality.

Production  with other materials is offered too but just in higher  quantities.